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To our wonderful mail-order sales customers

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Call our office at (760) 360-6307 Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Pacific Time).
Or send us email.

Ordinarily, this page is where we would list the current mail-order prices for our dates and raisins.

As you are probably aware we are a third-generation farm growing dates and citrus. We have had the privilege of working together as a family and producing a product that we have been proud of since 1930. We have received many letters and phone calls from you, our cherished customers, complimenting us on our delicious dates and citrus. We are honored and humbled by the fact that most of you have been repeat customers for decades.

With a heavy heart I must again wholesale my dates to another packer this year. There are many factors influencing my decision not to open the packing house or continuing to ship dates. I apologize for the inconvenience you may experience in locating another mail-order source for quality dates. I wish I could recommend a grower/packer who could match our quality and price but I honestly can't.

my mom, Donna Fish

My mom, Donna Fish

Donna and I are so blessed to be that third generation, working together with my parents on the farm and in the packing house. The wonderful experiences my late parents passed down to my children and grandchildren have helped form their character and will never be forgotten. God has always been faithful with His promises and His love. We are so grateful. We look forward to seeing what God does next in our lives and we hope to hear from you again next year.

From the entire Fish Family, we wish you well.

Until we see you in September 2023,

Ted and Donna Fish
"Young Ted" and "Little Donna"


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